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June 25th, 2016, 08:30 PM
I've been recovering from a move (long story) and found what looked like a Model M detachable keyboard cord with the older 5-pin DIN on it. I'm assuming it came from and older Model M, but I don't recall the origin.

My question is: Is this pin-compatlble with a Compaq Deskpro 286 102-key keyboard? The connecter looks the same, but I can't test it since my "helpers" threw away the 102-key keyboard along with an original Deskpro. Ironically enough they kept the original Deskpro keyboard, which does seem to work in the 286.

I'm not going into how they managed that, except to observe that I was in the hospital and I was NOT allowed to leave. I didn't realize they had thrown anything away until nearly a month back. It all went into the dumpster. :(

Anyway, does anyone know if the Compaq 102-key keyboard is plug-compatible with a Model M? There's at least one available on eBay without a cord, if I can ever get the money for it.

Thanks in advance!

June 25th, 2016, 09:11 PM
Simplest answer is yes, it will probably work. The Compaq 286 used an AT style keyboard and just about all Model M keyboards will work with the AT protocol.

If in doubt, check the model label on the bottom of the keyboard and compare it to https://deskthority.net/wiki/IBM_Enhanced_Keyboard

June 26th, 2016, 03:47 PM
I can't. Like I said it got thrown away. :(

But that's very useful info to have. Thanks!