View Full Version : my performa 5300CD

November 28th, 2006, 12:49 AM
this is my performa 5300CD and color stylewriter 2400. there is significance behind this system. when i was in elementary school many moons ago, this model was the first machine i ever used, next to the really old IBM terminals. since that time i learned on the mac, i've learned how to repair systems, gone to school, and i am now an IT manager. i recently remembered the machine, so i went online and bought this machine and printer. it now sits on my desk at home, to remind me where i started. it came with the following specs:
16mb ram
1.5gb hard drive
4x cdrom drive
com slot modem
tv tuner
video in card

i then upgraded the following:
16 mb ram to 64mb ram
1.5gb hard drive to 3.5gb hard drive
4x cd-rom drive to 12x cd-rom drive
added a farallon ethernet card in LC slot

ive found these computers hard to come by. ive determined a reason for this:
these units were sold through educational channels, they were only sold to schools i believe. ive found from experience that most schools computers were, for security and legal reasons, sent to a recycler and ground up after their few years of loyal service. but somehow, a few manage to escape. im sure someday these will be fairly rare, both because of this reason and because of the throwaway society we live in.