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December 2nd, 2006, 05:05 PM
I spent some time this afternoon playing around with an old 486 and some of my disk copying hardware. I have a Catweasel I and a Central Point Deluxe Option Board, in addition to ImageDisk, TeleDisk, and Central Point Copy2PC. Here is a summary of what I figured out.

The DVI disk copied and were re-created without error with TeleDisk. Interestingly, I have two disks: one is 26-314 ("Model 100 Disk Operating System") and the other 26-3806 (Disk Video Interface Version 01.00.00) or something like that. Interestingly, the DVI disk appears to be dual-format...side 0 has 256-byte sectors with a 6:1 interleave and side 1 has 512-byte sectors with a 1:1 interleave. Sounds strange but that's what TeleDisk reports.

The only PDD disk I have that's working is "TS-RANDOM". I tried Catweasel Mark I and it couldn't do anything with it, which is odd because it operates independently of the PC drive hardware. The instructions that came with mine talked mostly about the Amiga so I wonder if I have Amiga-specific software.

The Deluxe Option Board (which is so old at this point that it only works with low-density drives) didn't work either. Copy2PC did copy the disk but I haven't tried it yet.

There would be only one thing left to try but I don't have one...a Catweasel Mark IV (the latest version I think). Since it connects to a separate drive NOT connected to the PC's controller, it's probably the best option for disk copying and imaging that doesn't rely on the original hardware.

October 29th, 2008, 04:00 PM
Hi, I came across your post while trying to work out what format the old copy2pc software generates for image files and if they could be written using a Catweasel? I have a friend that has an old Key Disk image that he would like put back on to media.

I myself have a Catweasel MK4 Plus (The latest version only a few days old). If I can help with archiving disks at all please let me know. I am however in Australia.

I currently have 96tpi 5.25" inch and 3.5" inch drives for my Catweasel.

So I can't do 100tpi 5.25" early format yet, or 8".

If you come across any drive mechs of the following type please let me know as I'd like to be able to archive any disk format for people.

I am looking for .

- 3.5" 2.88MB Drives.
- 5.25" 100tpi Drives.
- 8" Drives.

All double sided.

Look forward to hearing back from you.

If you are interested in a phone call some time to discuss anything, let me know as I have WW phone access here for nicks.