View Full Version : Vintage 1983 Aussie luggable - Portapak , Z80B Cpu The Portable Computer co.

December 5th, 2006, 10:16 PM
Vintage 1983 Australian ' Portapak ' luggable / portable computer

made by "The Portable Computer Co" , Beauchamp rd Matraville Sydney NSW

This is a very rare computer, with low production numbers Serial number 1075 , besides the fact it is Australian made !! I cannot find any info to speak of on this computer besides the below

'"..... Their computing grunt was the mighty Portapak, an Australian luggable, for those old hands who may know of it. These were a beautiful machine of their time; twin 784K 5" floppies, serial, parallel and universal IO sockets and an internal 300 baud modem."

I think it's shaped a lot like an esky .. thats typically Australian thinking i guess ( well, .... hmm maybe?)