View Full Version : Commodore PET Pink Label

September 20th, 2016, 01:57 AM
So I recently got my hands on a Commodore PET 2001-8. Doesn't boot, so I opened it up to have a look inside, and I noticed a pink sticker near the RAM (on the plain bit of board where it says "COPYRIGHT 1977") with a handwritten date on it - "19/9/76". Obviously this date is before the Commodore PET so does anyone know what it refers to? Is it actually a date?

September 24th, 2016, 07:19 PM
Somebody wrote the wrong year?

Could be anything really.

There's an RTU at work that someone wrote 7-2-56 on. The building was built in the 80s, I think. It's a part number for a blower belt...