View Full Version : Looking for anything related to the Nuclear Data ND812 or Bunker Ramo BR2412

September 27th, 2016, 10:18 AM
Hi all --

I'm in the process of restoring a Bunker Ramo BR2412 minicomputer. This is a 12-bit mini in the vein of the PDP-8 but significantly different. It is a later variant of the Nuclear Data ND812, the main difference being that the BR2412 uses semiconductor memory (Intel 1103s) rather than core memory.

At any rate, there's a small amount of information on Bitsavers regarding the ND812 and it's similar enough that I've been making good progress in getting the machine running again. I'd love to find the BR2412 documentation, since the memory portions of the system are completely different. I'm also looking for any and all hardware -- I'm missing the TTY interface as well as a pair of terminators for the I/O bus.

If anyone out there has any documentation that's not on Bitsavers, or any hardware they're interested in selling/trading/etc. please drop me a line.


February 21st, 2017, 11:42 AM
I was revisiting the documentation for this and the schematics and circuit layout of the IO terminators are in the maintenance manual, I think.

I'd love to see some pictures of your machine!