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December 10th, 2016, 01:12 AM
Okay, so this game might not exactly be vintage, but it's definitely long forgotten as of ~12 years ago. That and it is 16-bit (although it requires Windows 95 or higher, which is odd).

Did anybody ever play Global Pets 2002 back in the day? Or it's apparent predecessor, Global Pets 98 (which I've never seen before)? I played it quite a bit for a couple of years. It was basically an on-screen tamagotchi. It was quite sophisticated, though. One feature I always found most interesting was once in a while, when you made a new pet, it would randomly spawn with a deformity, like a missing eye or ear. My sensitive self always found it quite mortal, though - once your pet got up in age, its health would rapidly deteriorate unless you constantly gave it attention and did everything right. One meal at the wrong time or letting it watch TV instead of reading a book, and it would be done for.

I eventually fell out of interest, probably around 2004, and eventually the hard drive failed in the family computer (a Windows 98 machine), and that was it. A few years ago it popped into my head randomly, and I decided to see if I could download it from anywhere. I never found it - the author of the game, Mezaman, LLC, last updated their website in 2003, and it went offline around 2011. The game popped into my head again today, and while I found nothing but lots and lots of broken download links on the present Internet, I managed to download the installer from a 2002 version on Mezaman's web site through the Internet archive.

And it works! It's not working very well on my test machine, though. Sometimes when you click something it will randomly tell you that you need to register the game to use that feature (it was shareware, and you paid $15 to unlock all of the animals, minigames, etc), and other times it will just straight up crash. Also, it's been 2 hours and Jesse hasn't aged at all. It did officially support Windows XP, but maybe my Pentium M machine is too fast for it to work properly. I'll have a go with my Windows 2000 Pentium III machine, and maybe it will work better.

Something I would like to know, if anybody else ever played this, is if anyone knows how to modify the game to unlock all of the for-pay features. All of the extra stuff is in-fact present in the game's files. Registering required an Internet connection to Mezaman's own servers, and that obviously isn't possible anymore. I've looked at the .ini and other files in Notepad, but there is very little human-readable stuff in them.

Download link here: