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December 21st, 2016, 03:06 PM
Any Microsoft OS-9 or OS-9000 users here?
I worked for several years for a company that built system based on Peripheral Technologies PT68K4 and K5 boards that ran OS-9 68K.
Didn't leave the company until about a year after IBM provided me with beta pre-release copies of Windows 3.0.

I kind of envisioned the age of appliance computing before it became a reality, and anticipated to duopoly that PCs and Macs would one day share.
Frankly, I miss alternative computing.

I keep a PowerPC Mac around so that I can run the micro kernel AmigaOS derived MorphOS operating system (which is still under development, and due eventually to be forked with an X64 variant).

Macs, Linux, BSD? Not that interesting to me.

BUT, I'd did recently find a company building systems based on improved SS-50 components similar to the old SWTPC computers.
THAT got me excited.

So...any one else go through the 6800>6809>68000 evolution?