View Full Version : A New Edison (Atom) based S100 bus CPU Board.

January 23rd, 2017, 09:17 AM
After 3 months in the making, I am delighted to announce another new S100 board to our collection of S100 boards. This board is called the Edison S100 board. It incorporates the Intel Edison “chip” which contains the Intel Atom 64bit CPU and drives the S100 bus as a bus slave. The S100 bus signals are synthesized by C code run under Linux in the Edison. They are translated into S100 bus signals via an onboard CPLD. Please see here for more information:-


The board has numerous possibilities. It has onboard WiFi, Linux and Internet capabilities. There is a “patch area” to add your own circuits.

I will order a batch of bare boards for anybody that might be interested in constructing this board. To avoid missing somebody please only ‘order’ from this forum:-

(Do not order by sending me an e-mail directly). If you have not obtained an S100 board from me in the past I will contact you directly via e-mail for a shipping address at a later date. Bare S100 boards will cost $16 each + shipping. Payments will be via PayPal after you receive your board(s). The boards will be made by PCBCart in China and will take about 4 weeks to arrive.

Please note that while this board is relatively straight forward to assemble it’s not for an absolute beginner. Also it requires a CPLD burner to program the 1508 CPLD on the board. Programming the CPLD is described on the web site, however in the past some of the experienced users have done this for others. Rick Bromagem will hopefully do his detailed list of materials for us.