View Full Version : Apple IIe video ROM

February 5th, 2017, 07:53 AM
Hi there!

I decided a couple of months ago to enhance my Apple IIe. Since I had a 65C02 CPU and some 28C64 EEPROMs on hand, I unearthed the EPROM burner... When it was the time to burn the Video ROM however, I realized that I needed a 27C32. I don't have any 27C32 but as they have a similar pinout as the 28C64s I thought that I might use a larger EEPROM and even make a small circuit to add a second video ROM (I used to have an English/Spanish IIe...) that can be kicked in by flipping a switch...

As I am not even an apprentice of electronics, I thought that it would be best to ask for help here. What I need is help to make a small diagram to use a 28C64 EEPROM instead of the 27C32 Video ROM...