View Full Version : Hookay.....now I'm confused (286 Motherboard Ident if possible)

February 9th, 2017, 08:01 AM
Okay, so I was going through some photos of my 286 which I recently put back together, and looked up "Octek Fox II" motherboard - which for the most part, the manual for that particular board has been helpful for some things, but then I got a good look at the layout in the manual today and realized that the board is a TOTALLY different beast than what's lurking under the hood of the GEM Computer Products 286.....almost seems I have an older board than the Fox M, Fox II, and Fox III.

For one thing - the board I know supports at least up to a 12MHz CPU, I have an Intel 80286-10 chip in it that now runs at 12 MHz because the IIT 2c87 Co-Processor is 12 MHz - the benchmark utilities all changed after I put that thing in. When I bought the computer, it had 2 MB of RAM on DIPS, it takes at least up to 4MB because I have all the SIMM slots populated with 1MB SIMMS from an old 386 I had a long time ago.

I've looked at the various FOX series boards, none of them are XT/Full-Length Baby AT like this one, which is odd. Now I'm wondering if that GEM Computer Products XT 286 that was on E-bay awhile back had the same board and maybe this board predates the Fox series. I'll say this much, this board has blown two tantalum filter caps, one from a power surge, and it just keeps on going.

My biggest question though is what's the deal with the 4 dip switches at the middle of the board. I can't find ANYTHING on them in any of the Octek board manuals I can find. The board is not on Total Hardware 99, and I've never seen another one like it on E-bay or anywhere else - and over 16 years I've seen a TON of 286 motherboards. I'm starting to wonder if I got some kind of weird rare pre-model-name board or something. All I can find is Octek Rev 5.1 on it.

I've included some of the gallery of the computer from it's rebuild for more things to see.....maybe to help identify this thing......also included the case because there's an FCC ID Sticker on the back and wondering if that might have come with the board (have not checked it yet but will soon).