View Full Version : Thoughts of SD-USB-M3 disassembly (LS-120)

February 12th, 2017, 08:48 AM
Finally put my "new" SD-USB-M3 onto my Win7 laptop to check it, and it reads a 8573-P70 refdisk just fine. Laser servo stuff is a bit noisier than a normal floppy, but it is what it is.

Turn drive upside down, you will see six screws.

The rearmost screws are long "metal screws" that hold the upper and lower halves of the outer shell together.

The four screws to the front are machine screws with @ 1/8 inch shoulder, these hold the bottom half of the outer shell on to the actual LS-120 drive frame.

To remove the "nose" at the front of the case, squeeze the sides of the nose in, this bows the top and bottom of the nose away from the rib. Pull nose off to the front. Now the upper and lower halves will come off.

Now you will see a sheetmetal "clamshell" that has it's hinge to the rear. To pop the USB-ATA bridge free (and also the LS-120 drive), simply push the type B USB port forward. You can also just wiggle the LS-120 drive off of the USB-ATA bridge without hurting anything...

The drive on the M3 and U3 will most likely be a Panasonic LKM-933-1 built from May-Sep 99 (-933 same as -934, but 933 w/o bezel, 934 w/bezel). The USB-ATA bridge is based on the OnSpec Electronic Corporation's 90C36 chip (I can't find it right now).

Four position jumper at rear, MOD, CS, SL, MA. MOD is factory use only, CS is cable select (uses specific cable) Slave and Master. Normal 40 pin IDE interface. Factory jumpered as slave.