View Full Version : Any drivers for WD33C93B? (non-linux!)

February 12th, 2017, 09:16 AM
After digging through the debris of empire, I found a microchannel RS/6000 Fast/Narrow SCSI-2 controller which has an HPDB-50 external port.

For those not familiar with IBM SCSI controllers in the 1987-1996-ish date range, a lot of them used a mini centronics C60 or C68 external port.

So my enthusiasm carried me on for a bit until I caught the WD93C93B SCSI controller, not bad specs, as it will do an honest 10MB/s (opposed to WD33C93A limit of 4MB/s). Plus the IBM 4-4 has an 80C186XL-20. A sixteen bit cpu at 20MHz... Beats the 80C188 used on the IBM SPOCK.

NT 4 does have wd33c93.sys, but it is for a Maynard tape controller, ISA as well... Chances are "good" that it expects the slower WD33C93A as well... You can find lots of Linux source for it.... For an Amiga SCSI controller.

Johnny, why are you beating your head against the wall?

It feels so good when I stop...

February 12th, 2017, 11:09 AM
AFAIK early Silicon Graphics workstations has WD33C93A/B as main SCSI controllers