View Full Version : Anyone Interested in an XT-IDE EEPROM Programmer Only Kit?

February 22nd, 2017, 06:05 AM
As titled. $8 regular XT-IDE rev 3 board, plus a reduced parts kit, and a ZIF socket for the EEPROM. This would let you program EEPROMs in a machine with ISA slots using the XUB tools. They'd be available assembled, too, of course. It'd work with the Slot 8 Support board.

The ZIF socket clears all components, so you could even build it up as a full XT-IDE rev 3 at some later time, if you ever wanted to.

February 22nd, 2017, 07:07 AM
That's a very good idea and a cheap way of flashing "Certain" EEPROM's for people who don't own a programmer, Even though i have several programmers i have used a Rev 1 board to flash 28C64 EEproms several times for different machines.