View Full Version : Intellec 8, 8008 Rom images

Roland Huisman
February 28th, 2017, 10:24 AM
I found this Intel Imm8-82 board which fits in my Intellec 8 machine. (Really surprised that I found this for sale.)

My Intellec 8 has a 8080 CPU board. But it should work with this 8008 board as well.
But of course, this monitor program is not suitable for the 8008.

In the past I have sent my 8080 monitor ROM images to bitsavers.
There were many 1702 EPROMs on the two boards.

But I found only one ROM image for the 8008.

Is this really the only EPROM for an 8008 system? Or are there a few files missing?

And oh, if anyone has an Intel imm 6-26 for sale, please drop me a line...

Thanks in advance!
Regards, Roland

Roland Huisman
March 1st, 2017, 11:39 AM
So I found a bit more information in the documentation.
The Intellec 8 with an 8008 has 5 1702 proms which holds up the monitor program.
(So the rom images on bitsavers seem to be not complete)

And there was also a text editor and a Symbolic Assembler on papertape.

Does anyone have this software for the proms and also the papertape images?

Regards, Roland