View Full Version : Looking for Kaypro SWP Co-Power-88 Core Software

March 4th, 2017, 02:44 PM
Does anyone have a Kaypro version of the SWP Co-Power 88 utility software in ImageDisk or Teledisk format? I've acquired the DOS and CPM-86 Teledisk images from the Zorba z80 site (http://www.zorba.z80.de/swp.htm) and they should work, but I don't believe the Zorba PCDOS.COM and RAMDISK.COM files from the SWP utility disk are compatible with the Kaypro versions. I attempted to run the programs using 22Disk to extract the .com files, but the programs abort with "no 8088 detected" when run on my Kaypro 4-84. I have to think memory locations and such are different on the Zorba vs. the Kaypro.

Any help is appreciated.

March 4th, 2017, 04:04 PM
I have IMD images labeled:

Kaypro 4+88 Master
Disk 1 of 2
MSDOS Version 2.11


Kaypro 4+88 Master
Disk 2 of 2
MSDOS Version 2.11

If you give me your email address, I'll send them to you.

March 6th, 2017, 05:18 AM
I think there's software on it in the Maslin collection on retroarchive.org as well.


March 6th, 2017, 04:47 PM
Thanks Geneb. Those might be the right disks and I would not have found them otherwise. Mloewen also sent me some ImageDisks of co-power software so I'll try them all out this week.

March 8th, 2017, 04:35 AM
Thanks to you both! The images Mike sent me and the images on retroarchive.org were the same and both worked with my co-power board. Here is the link (http://www.retroarchive.org/maslin/disks/kpro/index.html) to the retroarchive images in case anyone else needs this software. The two files to download are copwrcpm.td0 and copwrdos.td0.

Also good to know is that the SWP co-power board is compatible with a TurboROM install.