View Full Version : Normerel ATCompact, any info welcome

March 7th, 2017, 06:11 AM
Hi all,
I have this Normerel ATCompact machine and I'm looking for any info on it. Jumper settings are of the biggest interest right now.
The seller said he believed it was made under license for Xerox. It has a 20 MB NEC MFM drive with a black front as well as a 3.5'' floppydrive with a matching front.
I can't find any info whatsoever about this brand, I did find info about the drive and controller.

So I'm hoping someone may recognize the stuff in the pictures and maybe give me a lead on where I might find some info on it.

Highest priority at the moment is to disable the EGA (or CGA, really not sure but my IBM color monitor gave a black screen when I connected it) card so that it will use the VGA card I want to put in it instead. Unfortunately I don't have an EGA screen so currently I have no way of getting anything onto my screen.