View Full Version : Ampro LB 80186 now i need

March 12th, 2017, 01:30 PM
I got the system going with a hard disk. Now I need the basic utility disk. It should have among other things a program:
I thought i found it on bitsavers but both the files there are for what I assume are the later versions of the Ampro Little Board.
disk should have these files:
AMPROKEY.SYS ASCII terminal keyboard driver
CHKROM.COM ROM-BIOS checksum and version
CPMDRVR.SYS CP/M file access driver
FUNKEY.SYS Keyboard driver enhancement
KT7KEY.SYS Keyboard driver for Kimtron KT7
KT7TERM.SYS Display driver for Kimtron KT7
LBCOMM.EXE Communications utility
MONITOR.EXE EPROM monitor demonstration
SETCOM1.COM Aux serial port initialization
SETCON.SYS Console port initialization
SETCPM.COM CP/M format selection
SETFDC.COM Floppy drive parameter initialization
TERM.SYS ASCII terminal display drive

Any help locating them would be appreciated