View Full Version : Tandy 1400 LT Keyboard Issue

Great Hierophant
March 20th, 2017, 02:17 PM
This weekend I acquired a Tandy LT 1400 Laptop Computer. Everything about the computer works great except for some of the keyboard keys. Two of the keys, the Up Arrow and the \| Key, do not respond no matter how hard I press. The keyswitch mechanisms do not appear to be damaged and the solder points do not appear to be cracked or bad. I reflowed the points anyway, but it did not fix the issue. A few other keys (Q, D, G) have a tendency to repeat on their own once or twice with a regular press.

The 1400 LT does support the use of an External XT Keyboard and these keys work fine with an IBM PC/XT keyboard.

I am thinking that the issue may be with dead or marginal keyboard switches, but I know nothing about these switches, can they can be opened without destroying the switch or can they be revived with alcohol or contact cleaner. Anyone with any experience would be appreciated.