View Full Version : Commodore Datasette, 1902a Monitor issues

March 27th, 2017, 07:52 AM

First up, I have a Datasette that records just fine, but doesn't load. I've tested it on two systems, and on both it records just fine, but won't actually load anything. I have cleaned the heads several times now, and nothing. I've tried about 5 tapes, including one that was new in packaging prior to being used.

Second: I have a Commodore 1902a that I got from a guy who found it in his parents' barn. It was dirty and dusty and I cleaned it up to the best of my ability. For all my PC repair skills, I never had to deal with CRTs before, so I don't feel too comfortable with it. Either way, it will not stay on. If I press the power button it lights up briefly and goes back off. I got it to stay on once, and during that time it worked perfectly. If I hold the button the monitor stays on. Also, there is a whine so loud that my dogs begin to panic. I'm guessing this is the flyback transformer. Any suggestions? I'm guessing the capacitors have dried up and this is why the monitor won't stay on. Is this accurate? Also, where can I find a replacement flyback? Mine had a Philips tube in it.