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April 9th, 2017, 05:23 PM
Hello everyone,

(I had these for sale on Lemon64 a while back and forgot to repost here)

I was looking for a ROM switcher some months back since I have run low on spare working BASIC and Character ROMs in my parts stock. I ran across Silver Dreams' ROM switcher board project (http://e4aws.silverdr.com/projects/romrep/) and had 10 boards made up.

They work great, and now I have a few extra boards and wondered if anyone else would like to have one or more. I have contacted Silver Dream and gotten permission to sell them. He will get a royalty on each.

This replaces the BASIC, KERNAL, and Character ROM of the 3-ROM C64 and SX-64 boards.


* You can switch between 2 sets of 2 KERNAL ROMs (4 total), and 2 sets of 2 Character ROMs with the included Winbond W27C512. There are tons of replacement character sets out there, but you have to make sure they are complete (have all symbols) as most are missing lower case or the PETSCII symbols. I use the VIC-20 character ROM as my secondary, as it's thin/higher resolution. You can reflash this chip with inexpensive USB programming devices (I use a G540).

* Completely assembled and tested by myself. I can include several different ROMS at your request, of course observing known licensing ownership.

- original C64 v3
- original C64 v3 with memory test disabled (instant startup)
- auto-boot roms (for BBS use)
- Exos V3 (NTSC or PAL) (I think this is public, as was in a magazine)

- JiffyDOS (if you can prove you own license, e-mail me with Jim Brain cc'd)
- JiffyDOS with memory test disabled (fast start- same, prove license)
- S-JiffyDOS (same, prove license)
- Jiffy-Dolphin (same, prove license)
- anything else out there with copyright not cared about anymore if you supply.

I can also change the border, screen, and character colors of any of these ROMs at your request.


* Your board *must* already have these 3 ROMs in sockets, or else you must remove all 3 and socket them. If you don't know what I mean, or you are not experienced doing this, then please do not buy these. All the SX-64's I have ever seen already have all 3 of these ROMs socketed. Two-ROM C64's are supported by another board revision and I didn't build any of those. All brown/grey C64's are 3-ROM, and about half of C64C's are 3-ROM.

* These are *MANUAL* switches, meaning you have either open up the C64 and change a jumper, or else wire some switches to the outside of your machine to change. This is left up to you. I will install jumper headers, and without jumpers the default ROMs will be used.

$25 + $3 First Class shipping anywhere in the US.
$25 + $13 First Class shipping most anywhere outside the US.

If you just want a raw board, they are $5 each. If you want as a kit to build yourself, they are $20.

This is a limited time offer, as I have about 6 boards left. I can order another batch if there is a lot of interest.

April 10th, 2017, 07:37 AM
And... I am out of stock. Interest was much higher this time.

Thanks everyone.