View Full Version : Commodore 4016 High Voltage monitor supply

Rob Hite
April 25th, 2017, 10:48 AM
Hi. I'm new at this forum. I have a question on a problem I was not able to find by searching.

I have acquired a PET 4016 that appears dead.

My question is, should the PET's monitor High Voltage power (11kilovolts or so) power on and charge the screen even if the CRTC is prevented from passing information to the screen because of defects on the main-board?

The monitor's filament does power up, but the HV does not. I have done the basic voltage checks recommended by members in this forum and elsewhere on the main power supply and on the logic main-board but I am not sure if I should pursue the unpowered HV until I know if it should be powered on regardless of the condition of the main-board, or not.

Thanks for any help.