View Full Version : Intel Inboard 386/AT Drivers/Manual wanted

May 3rd, 2017, 12:33 PM
Hi all,

I recently got an IBM 5170 which has an Intel Inboard 386/AT (not PC) in it.
Unfortunately, the BIOS and HDD of the PC were cleared out.

I found out that the Inboard card has 1MB of Memory.
My problem is now that no matter what I set int the BIOS for extended memory I always get an error (121) at address 1000000 (1MB).
There are fragments of the card drivers available but also the drivers only complain about the lack of extended memory even though they detect the card itself.

Therefore I suppose that the Card/PC might be wrongly configured.
The card has a couple of jumpers and 1x8 + 1x4 DIP-Switches.

Does anybody have the Drivers / Manual or other info about the Intel Inboard 386/AT?

Any hint is highly appreciated!