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May 4th, 2017, 03:49 AM
As you can see from here:


The Superbrain ROM adapter boards have arrived. That's the good news. The bad news is there are only three of each, because I got them from OSH Park, and I need to muck about with them a bit to test fitment. I know that some Superbrain owners have expressed interest in acquiring these boards, and so I would like to ask who wants them and how they should be prepared.

There are several options:

I can upload and share the designs on OSH Park and you can order direct from them. The problem with this is you have to order a minimum of three, but you could organise yourselves into groups of three and share the cost, which (for me) was $9.40 for three of the programmer adapters and $5.55 for three of the motherboard adapters.
I can order them myself and supply bare boards. Slow, and you will have to pay extra P&P.
I could acquire and supply assembled boards, ready to use, but I would rather not do this as it takes time to get the parts and do the build. This will have the longest lead time, be more costly and I would require a minimum number of orders before proceeding as I don't want to bear the cost of a bunch of unused parts. Remember, it's a hobby - I'm not a business.
As the programmer adapter boards are essentially single use items (insofar as you only need to read your SB ROM once), perhaps you would like to collaborate with other members and pass one around between you. I am happy with the community doing this with my board but I think it would be fair to make upload of any ROM content you discover on your Superbrain a condition of use, because we all need to share these ROMs (especially the custom ones). I would suggest one for the US and one for Europe, and you take turns to use each with the current holder documented on the thread. I can build and supply these with what I already have.

Depending on how many owners are interested, I can order in bulk from a different fabricator which means I'll be drowning in the darned things, but at least there would be plenty to go round. In fact, OSH Park are so expensive (relatively speaking) that I would not need many to make it viable to switch. In any case, getting more of them would allow me to alter the design of the SB adapter so the EEPROM is more towards the CPU where there is a bit more space.

Please discuss your preferences on the thread, and when everyone is ready we can proceed.

May 8th, 2017, 12:51 PM
I'd like to buy one of each please, that's my interest expressed.