View Full Version : Anyone have a manual for an Advantec PCL757 bus extender card?

May 21st, 2017, 07:36 PM
I picked this up on eBay:


My plan is that I want to develop a few ISA cards, and wanted something that would isolate the host computer from my project-under-development. The good news is that does seem like what this thing does. I plugged an AdLib board into the connector on the top, flipped the toggle switch on, and the card worked. Flipped the toggle switch off and the card didn't work anymore.

However, there's some LEDs and jumpers on the board that I don't know exactly what they're for. I'm also curious what affect this might have on the device under test -- does it alter the timing or characteristic of the signal, what port ranges does it support, etc. I'm curious if anyone else has encountered or used one of these.