View Full Version : Brittle keyboard cables on Compaq systems

May 23rd, 2017, 03:03 PM
Hey all. I recently pulled my Compaq Deskpro systems out of storage, and the coiled keyboard cables are brittle and I'm having trouble even handling them without them crumbling. This is already a problem with the cable on my Portable III. Is there a way to recondition these? I'm thinking of using Mother's VLR or perhaps following YouTube articles about soaking in Wintergreen Oil + Alcohol mixture. But, both of these solutions are for rubber parts. Not sure if these are rubber, PVC or...?

These are all Compaq specific keyboard cables (connectors at both ends similar to IBM PS/2 keyboards), and I'd like to preserve them somehow. Just not sure if the damage is reversible at this stage.

Has anyone run into this issue, and what remedies have been successful?