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June 10th, 2017, 02:17 PM
Hey gang,

I regularly check out our local Goodwill computer works and dig through their "vintage" section.
They really don't do anything but throw stuff back there no testing nothing.
Oh, and you aren't allowed to open up anything ether. I could be a case full of junk or this gem that I found.


It is an original "Dell" PC's Limited Turbo PC.

The case has some surface rust but that is about it.
As you can see there is a fine layer of dust on the main board.
Also the floppy drive was trashed and had a floppy jammed in it.
other than that it is completely functional.
Has a ST-225 in it that had 2 bad sectors and a families worth of memories.
Running Dos 3.31a.

I also picked up a xt-ide card and that works like a champ too.

Now for my problem.
I can't get a floppy drive to work for love or money.

I have bought 2 360k drives and a 34 pin jcc ios-2 multi io card that supports 360 1.2 720 and 1.44 drives.
I've tried 3.5 1.44 drives as well and nothing works on this machine.
I've tried a gotek floppy emulator as well with no love.
The floppy controller has its own on screen setup as well.

It is an excel turbo board everything else I've used on it works great.

If anyone can point me in the direction as to why I can't get the floppy to work that would be awesome!

some fun bits that are going into it.



June 19th, 2017, 01:50 PM
I finally got a 360k floppy drive to work.
I bought two new cables apparently one wasn't crimped well.

so that means everything works!

I'm now looking at burning my own bios using one of the "anonymous" variants with the xt-ide firmware and large floppy drive support already built in.
Anyone do that yet?