View Full Version : PC Limited Turbo PC rehab

June 11th, 2017, 01:15 PM
Hey gang!

I recently picked up this gem from my local Goodwill Computer Works.
I was stunned how clean it was so I grabbed it.
It has 640kb and a v20 on an excel turbo board.
The only thing was the floppy drive was nuked.
it had a stuck floppy and they wrecked the thing trying to get the floppy out.

I bought two different drives nether worked with the mfm controller that came with the system.
I then picked up a 3.25 floppy and a 34 pin controller JCC IOS-2 8-bit with a built in bios. (anyone know what the jumper settings are?)
None of them worked random clicking and the like.
I also tried a gotek floppy emulator with no love ether.

Finally I grabbed the 2M drivers and loaded them.
Using the original controller and a 3.5 1.44 floppy loading just the 2M-Xbios driver I now have a 1.44 that works as a 720k drive but only after the OS loads.

The problem I've got is I have software on 5.24 that I REALLY want to use :)

Any ideas? I would entertain pretty much anything at this point.