View Full Version : Canon, Sansumg and Sony dye sublimation ribbons

January 5th, 2007, 02:14 PM

I've been looking at compact photo printers - notably the dye sublimation kind from Canon and Samsung. I know that there are some Sony ones out there but have not encountered them on display.

Anyways, it does appear that the same manufacturing plant makes the printer mechanism and ribbon cartridges for both Canon and Samsung. I've tried mixing the ribbon cartridges in the store and got almost perfect fit but not quite.

Has anybody succesfully used a Samsung ribbon cartridge in a Canon printer (or vice versa)?


January 12th, 2007, 03:29 PM
Not having used any of the printers you mention, but having used commercial sublimation for metal & plastic(id cards), I would say the biggest issue is exactly how the cartridges are calibrated for the given make, along with how the cart ages. In other words, do you have to account for the age of the ribbon or the amount of ink left in order to maintain an even look day in, day out.

It all depends on how accuratly calibrated you want your colors to be. There is a slight difference between our two huge HP laserjets, even though they take exactly the same cart. I'd bet on the ink/ribbon being just different enough to throw a wrench into everything. And if the printers you're talking about use a panel type ribbon with 4-5 colors to do one print, I've seen some odd effects out of those if one panel screws up. But perhaps paper is more forgiving than plastic.

By the way, have you tried talking to a local photo club/shop? From my experience with sub, they might be able to give you a much more clear image of what you're asking.