View Full Version : BIOS CHIP - Flashing Question

June 18th, 2017, 04:36 AM
If you replaced a broken BIOS chip with a working one that wasn't exactly the same chip as the broken one, can you flash it with correct BIOS file / version file and have it work properly from there?

I have a 386 board that the BiOS chip legs broke off. I have another 386 BIOS chip (same AMIbIOS for 386DX but from other PC) that I was hoping to use and then flash

June 18th, 2017, 05:11 AM
You can use any chip provided the only difference is in the write pins or in the write function or method.
If you tell which part is the original, and which part is the intended replacement, we can check it.
Most times you can use even double capacity chips provided you fill the entire chip with 2 copies of the same contents.