View Full Version : PET 2001-16 N with no power?

June 30th, 2017, 05:15 PM
Hello everyone,
I just acquired my first PET, but it is DOA.

The fuse itself is good, but I don't have any voltage inside.
Not on the pcb at all and none even coming off the transformer?

I unsecured the transformer and am trying to remove the plate covering the inside where the back of the switch and fuse are, but one of the screws holding it in place is stripped. I need to drill it out or something which is a pain.
But, assuming that I find that the switch is good and there is no short or gap on the back of the fuse area or switch, does anyone have any other ideas?
Could the transformer be junk? I've never heard of one giving up, ever, but like I said I'm new to the PET.
I'm also looking for what the voltages should be coming off the transformer.
Finding schematics and service documentation seems to be spotty at best. I see stuff on the Zimmers site, but not exactly what I need...

Any help from some PET guru's would be welcome! :)