View Full Version : Instant turbocharger

January 6th, 2004, 01:31 PM
I am about to upgrade the web server package on an old Sun SPARCstation 10 (which by today's standards is really slow - something like Pentium 60-100 as this one is upgraded with two 125 MHz Ross CPUs). The whole web package contains lots++ of different software; not only the web server itself (i.e. cryptography, PHP, localization etc). It takes quite a few hours to compile.

Anyway, here I prepare to enter one of the "new" source directories, issues a configure command and then make to build the software. Wow. It is finished in an instant, without errors and everything in place. For a few seconds I scratch my head and wonders who just overclocked the old server by a factor of 20. Then it hits me...

... I have traversed into the "old" directory, which still contains the finished results of a build process I did last year. I was so certain I was at the right place that I didn't look at the version number in the path. Duh!

In reality, it is enough work to be done by Sunday or so (not that I monitor it 24/7). Old computers do have their place, but in a modern production environment, I really prefer new PC's or other affordable hardware. I still get a shock everytime I perform some CPU intensive task on my rather mediocre Athlon XP2000+ system(s) and realize how fast it is compared to what I'm used to. I would probably get a heart attack if I had access to really state-of-the-art machines.