View Full Version : Looking for schematics[pdf] - Vector Hi-Res Graphics board

July 16th, 2017, 07:31 AM
Anyone have pdf schematics for the Vector Hi-Res Graphics board [S-100]
The usual websites didn't have one yet
This is from 1977, a similar design as the Dazzler but much higher resolution,256x240
Although it's not color, it does have 16 level grey scale at 128x120, I think it was a nice design.
Wouldn't take much to add color with a phase delay color burst.
But it relies specifically on using their own 8K memory card for the bitmap memory.
Because it contains DIP ribbon cables which plug into certain IC sockets on their memory card
Also looking for the owners manual too, most likely the schematics are in there too.
I like to make this compatible for any 8K memory card.
BTW, there's one on eB@y right now w/o manual
but some of us Italians are inflicted with a case of mafundzalo ;)
here's the page from the catalog
and some closeup pics