View Full Version : Accessing OS X Shares from System 7.5.3+

January 10th, 2007, 04:03 AM
I wanted to network my System 7.6.1 LC475 to my MacMini over TCP/IP through a PPP connection (I should be getting an Ethernet card for it soon). There isn't a whole lot of information on the net but I did find this:

The first is the client install package for AppleShare/IP 3.7.4. The second is a directory listing of various OpenTransport installations. AppleShare/IP requires OpenTransport 1.1.2.

AppleShare/IP will allow you to access AppleShare shares over a TCP/IP network. If you don't have an OS X Mac then you can always set up a Linux or BSD box and install Netatalk.

Note: OpenTransport is not supported on all Macintosh models.

This is a much easier way to transfer files to a 68k/PowerPC mac than FTP or floppy disk. If you have an Ethernet adapter in your Mac then it's very quick.

Once you get ASIP and OT installed, (usual install method, double click the install icon) go to the Chooser and AppleShare as you normally would (notice the nice new icon?), click on Server IP Address. Type the IP or DNS name of your server there. Hopefully you should get a username and password prompt and after that a list of shares on the server.

The only tricky part is getting the AppleShare/IP install file onto the Mac in the first place, as it's 3MB. You could use Fetch 2.1.2 (an FTP client) on a server which has the file, and get Fetch and TCP onto the Mac in the first place with a floppy disk. Fetch will recognize the install file as a MacBinary II format file and decode it, leaving you with a Disk Copy disk image. Disk Copy 6.2 can be found easily on the Internet.

You can find details for initially getting TCP/IP up on Google. Google is your friend.

If you have a Dialup account you can connect the Mac to the net directly to grab the files. Otherwise you will have to set up a PPP server to use with OpenTransport and Config PPP. Again, Google is your friend. I hope you run Linux :)