View Full Version : Did I buy the right RAM?

July 29th, 2017, 10:57 AM

I have a Packard Bell Pack-Mate III (286).

At the moment it has it's standard, 1MB of ram (4 x 256KB ram sticks).

The ram modules say SIMM1,SIMM2,SIMM3,SIMM4 beside them, and I noticed that on the sticks themselves it says "30".

I take this to mean I should use 30pin SIMM.

I found an ebay listing for 4mb 30pin simm ram (4x 1mb sticks), and I bought it. The listing says the RAM works and provides screen shots.

Should I expect the RAM to work when I finally get and install it, or did I miss something?

I leave this up to more experienced people, as this is my first time upgrading something this old.Z

I'm surprised how my SB vibra 16 works on this 286 machine, and is even compatible with programs that think it's just a "Sound Blaster" or a "Sound Blaster Pro", but I guess that's because all sound blaster cards are sound blaster compatible?

I'm gonna stop before I go off-topic anymore.