View Full Version : Automated CDROM installation on Microchannel system (Brad Parker's MCACDROM)

August 11th, 2017, 12:57 PM
NOTE: Not needed by NT 4.0 to see CDROM.

NOTE: To get free of the yellow "!" caused by Win9x stock drivers on a Pentium class microchannel machine (or you just want better performance) czech out UZnal's drivers. I have used the SPOCK206 on W9x and NT and it is a definate improvement. Note, you have to install the MS driver first, then you need to whack it and install SPOCK206 or AHA206.

NOTE: This automated CDROM install only installs the real mode drivers. IIRC, it does NOT fix the dreaded "!" of IBM MCA SCSI and Pentium systems under W9x... What I would recommend is to use MCACDROM to boot and install a CDROM, copy the W9x installation directory off the CD, and then run the W9x install from the hard drive, reboot, THEN install UZnal's updated MCA SCSI driver...


• SPOCK206 Windows 95/98 Miniport Driver for IBM MCA SCSI Host Adapters.
• SPOCK206 Windows NT Miniport Driver for IBM MCA SCSI Host Adapters.
• AHA206 Windows 95/98 Miniport Driver for Adaptec AHA-1640 SCSI Host Adapter.


MCACDROM Brad Parker's automated CDROM installation for IBM, Adaptec, FD, Buslogic, and Trantor controllers. Supported by DOS 6.0 and higher, includes Win 95/98



MCACDROM Readme.txt