View Full Version : Service manual for IBM PS/2 Monochrome Display?

August 16th, 2017, 07:22 PM

I’m searching for a manual, which hopefully someone has scanned somewhere.

In my latest “check-my-gear-works” audit, an IBM PS/2 monitor failed. It worked initially although brightness and contrast needed to be almost fully up to see anything. Then the raster suddenly went. I have a power light but no raster and no sign of life (i.e. no glow) in the elements in the neck.

The monitor is a Personal System/2 Monochrome display. Model 8503. It’s VGA but mono.

I found one manual on the web. It’s the “IBM Personal System/2 Display Hardware Maintenance Manual - Vol. 1” January 1993. Document Number SA38-0053-00. Part Number 68G2616. Unfortunately (1) It doesn’t cover the 8503 model and (2) there are no pictures (I need pictures!).

Does anyone have, or knows of, a service manual (PDF) for the 8503 model? This monitor is in good condition externally. It would be a shame to throw it away but I really need to know what I’m doing before poking around with the innards, to ascertain if it’s salvageable.!