View Full Version : DAK Communications ROM Chip

September 12th, 2017, 05:41 PM
I bought an Osborne Executive. Along with the software and docs there was an EPROM. The bag says "DAK COMMUNICATIONS ROM CHIP" "DAK REF #4472" "(c), 1986 Courtney Harris". On the EPROM itself the label has "7A3008-02" "REV. C" "D279 OCC". There weren't any docs in the set I received.

A search on "dak communications courtney harris" leads to a couple of links that look promising (one is dead). The working link is to documentation for an Epson PX-8 upgrade. However, this came in the lot with the Osborne and has "OCC" on the EPROM which leads me to believe it may be something similar for the Executive. Does anyone have any information on this?