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January 15th, 2007, 05:47 AM
For trade I have

An orange Bang & Olufsen BEOLIT 400 radio in poor condition, but works with adapter (Not included) original aerial missing, volume control knob gone.


A black Band & Olfusen BEOLIT 600 radio, grubby condition, but cosmetically only needs a clean. Does not work. Perhaps a working one can be procured from the two?


One comes with its schematics, I'll find out which one later.

Also, a 'nad-mat' in it's sleeve. Basically, ~1cm thick rubber thing to put on your turntable and it improves sound quality. I wouldn't know, I never used it. I just stuck with my red headed virgins thankyou sir.

A stereo test record. Basically just a record that plays short lengths of frequencies through one channel on one side, and then on the reverse side it does the same through the other. Frequencies are printed on the sleeve.

I will trade for some vintage computer stuff. Just PM me with a proposed trade and I'll say aye or nay as I don't have anything p'ticular in mind, although I have a BBC, Speccy, Commodore and various PCs working at the mo so that may help you.