View Full Version : Dead IBM 5162?

September 17th, 2017, 11:40 AM
Hi there,

I was lucky enough to buy a complete IBM XT/286 (5162) couple of days ago. The computer seems very nice - I have cleaned it thoroughly and there are just some slight scratches on the case. I have a problem, though, as the board itself seems to be damaged.

Nice thing - EGA card is equipped with memory expansion board.

I have inspected it for ant physical damage, but everything seems OK. No signs of any abuse, no broken traces, no scratches. But as I tried to power it up, nothing is shown on the screen (tried two different PSU's). I checked all the resistors and capacitors for damage (lots of those) but they seem to be OK. The power gets thouht the board, as most of the chips get warm, including the CPU.

I have reseated all the socketed chips onboard, includng two simms.

My questions are:
- what should I do next to diagnose the fault?
- I hear there are some supersoft diagnostic roms - can I use them with this particular model (I only see them for the classic XT and 5170 models)
- generally, what to do next to get it working again?

Thanks for all your feedback!