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October 10th, 2017, 05:30 PM
Hi All,

I recently started putting together a 486 machine. I ordered a Diamond Monster 3dfx Voodoo1 off of ebay listed as a PCI adapter. I'm using an m571 as my mainboard:


I have a rev E. version of the GPU I'm trying to install in this machine.


The PCI pinout looks odd to me and doesn't match what I have on my ViRGE3D - there are 'missing pins?' on the Voodoo.

When I insert this card into the m751's PCI slot and plug up my monitor to it I get no signal. Everything works fine on the ViRGE.

The Voodoo shows up as a 'multimedia adapter' while the ViRGE shows up as a VGA adapter during POST.

I've fiddled around with all sorts of options in the BIOS to no avail. Perhaps an expert can indicate what in the world I'm missing? I'm new to the legacy hardware world.


October 13th, 2017, 08:46 AM
The Voodoo1 is a purely 3D only accelerator, it will not display any 2D video. In order for the card to work, you need to use a VGA passthrough cable from the primary video card to the Voodoo1 and then plug the monitor into the Voodoo1. This is why the Voodoo1 has a VGA input and a VGA output connector on it.

When a game launches that supports Glide (and assuming the right drivers are installed), the Voodoo1 will interrupt the signal from the 2D primary video card and display 3D video.

That being said, even the fastest 486 is not fast enough to drive a Voodoo1, you need a Pentium at minimum.

October 14th, 2017, 08:42 AM
That's a socket 7 board, so it's not a 486. Check the system requirements on the Voodoo drivers, see what it needs to be and then check what you actually have.

October 14th, 2017, 07:59 PM
Follow up:

It is in fact a PCI card.

I am using a passthrough with the ViRGE.

Next step is to see if I can get it to draw something to the screen; here's hoping glide and GCC play nice.

Thanks all.