View Full Version : Toshiba T1000

November 1st, 2017, 05:09 PM
My Toshiba T1000 no longer powers up (when switched on, power light goes red -> green -> off; nothing else happens). Googling suggests that this is a fairly common problem, most likely one or more blown capacitors, but is less reassuring about there being a common solution. Since none of the capacitors looks obviously bulging or leaky, I'm going to have to try replacing them all and hope I don't ruin anything else while I'm doing it.

That's not what I'm posting to ask about. What I'm wondering is if anyone here has a working T1000, and if so would they mind running a little program I've written? It's at http://www.seasip.info/tmp/e1watch.zip , and what I hope it does is monitor the values read from I/O ports 0E1h-0E4h, and show when they change. What I'm trying to find out is whether [Fn]+key combinations will cause different bits in port 0E1h (and maybe the others) to change, and if so which keys correspond to which bits.