View Full Version : Acquired these boards and need some advice

November 2nd, 2017, 04:05 PM
Asked this question over at Vogons.org and was referred to this forum. Caught up with a friend today and he gave me these cards which he thinks came out of an Altair setup. Not my area of expertise for sure. Have no idea if these cards are working, but they seem to be in decent shape. Some of the patched wires have come loose on some of the cards. Maybe some of you can identify and see value in these. They were about to get recycled or given away. Thanks for any info.



November 2nd, 2017, 05:18 PM
Excellent save! Sent you a PM with a rough idea on price. Some of them are MITS boards, most of them are pretty early S-100 stuff. It certainly could've been from an Altair. The CPU board is from an IMSAI, so that's another possibility. Or, it could've been some random S-100 chassis with just a complete mix of boards in there! Until recently, the only thing made by IMSAI in my IMSAI chassis was the chassis itself, motherboard, and front panel -- everything else was a mish-mash of other manufacturers. It can mostly be coaxed to work together :)

November 2nd, 2017, 05:54 PM
Thanks for the info. He definitely wants to sell these, but wants to do some research on them. He threw them my way as I restore early 80s thru 90s consoles and computer systems, but these are a little too early for me and I have no experience with them.

November 2nd, 2017, 06:36 PM
An interesting collection of boards for a Collector of early S-100 Hardware.

Most of the board would have some value to a Collector. I sell and service Compupro Hardware which is considered to be later generation hardware, so I'm not the one to recommend pricing.

What I'd suggest that you do if you are planning to sell them is to list the boards individually, with good photos, with long auction periods, and a starting price of $20-$30 each, and watch what happens. No doubt that most of them will sell, at above the starting price.