View Full Version : IBM PC/AT not reading disks (also IDE questions)

November 18th, 2017, 06:09 AM
Hi all. Recently I acquired an IBM PC/AT from my local recycling center.
It has the type 1 motherboard with the 6/10/85 BIOS revision. The original 1.2MB fdd would not read disks on the PC/AT and other machines, so I replaced it with a drive (1.2MB) I know works.
I created a ATAD disk on one of my 486's converting the 360k image into a 1.2MB image and the drive will not read the disk. The drive doesn't read any disks, actually. I've made a DOS 6.2 disk, a DOS 3.3 disk and the PC/AT refuses to boot from them.
Any suggestions?
Also, I've installed a generic IDE adapter to try and use a 60MB Conner HDD but it isn't working. My guess is I should use an XT IDE adapter?

November 18th, 2017, 03:41 PM
This is a copy of the post at [here (http://www.vcfed.org/forum/showthread.php?60704)].
Contribute to that, not this.

November 22nd, 2017, 07:47 AM
i have the same problem i have been trying to put a regular floppy drive without luck