View Full Version : Micro Link STD-147 ROM and CP/M?

January 9th, 2018, 09:20 PM
I've come by a nice box of Micro Link Z-80 based controller stuff, including an STD bus card cage and a bunch of cards, including a couple of STD 147 CPU cards, a couple of 15kHz video cards, at least one floppy disk controller and a whole slew of 64 channel TTL I/O cards.

However, no software. At least not that I've found yet. All that was in the box was a number of DOS 3.5" diskettes, which so far appear to all be what they're labelled as--various DOS utilities and a single Windows install disk out of a set. ;)

I've got some of the print documentation. I've verified that I've got the CPU card, the video card, and the TTL I/O card docs. I'm hoping I have the floppy drive controller docs, but haven't turned them up, yet.

So, my question is--is there any information and software for this system out there? Specifically, the monitor and CP/M boot ROM the CPU card's book describes would be nice, as would a CP/M boot disk image to save me integrating CP/M with this system off the docs.

If there's documentation out there in electronic form, that would be nice, too, as I'm interested in finding out what disk format it uses, and the other cards' docs would be nice to have without me having to scan them myself. Though if it's not out there, I will do a scan of what I have.


Mark, W8BIT