View Full Version : Software for PIC programmer

January 29th, 2007, 03:54 AM
I finally bought myself a PIC programmer yesterday, as an incentive to learn PIC assembley and the like. However, my pc doesn't have a spare serial port, as that is being used by the mouse and I don't have a PS/2 port.

I have a 486 laptop with a free serial port but it runs windows 3.1 and the assembler and programming software won't run in that environment, so short of getting another computer I'm stuck in a hole unless someone knows of a PIC assembler program and PIC programmer program that uses the serial port that works in windows 3.1 or DOS, I'm stuck. I don't even know if the software is specific to the board I bought (A velleman kit) and if so then I'm b******d.

Can anyone help me with suggestions of other software? the board powers on fine.

I downloaded propic2 from teh interbets and I'm running it on the family PC, the programmers works fine but the location still isn't ideal.