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February 14th, 2007, 11:38 AM
I am planning on using Norton GHOST to image an IBM PS/2 77 488 (to a newer PC running wndows XP) via a parellel port setup, with both systems boot into DOS. I am told that it is a PS/2 Model 77 486. The system reports: AIX aixps2 1 3.0 i386 as the operationg system.

Ghost states that is supports EPP,EPC, 8 Bit, and 4 Bit. I am wondering which one to use. Does it support EPC? if so , is there any special settings I need to make?
I found this...
Do the following:
- boot into reference (either disk or system partition if one installed)
- enter "Set configuration"
- find the "Parallel Port DMA" and set it to "Disable".
- press [F10] to store the config ... [F3]/[F3] to leave.

That should fix the problem. The 9577 -as most PS/2- has a "DMA-arbitrated" LPT-port, which is neither ECP nor EPP, only "sort of". The "Disable" directs the machine not to use DMA during bi-directional transfers and use a contigous data-stream.
The DMA-mode tends to miss backcoming signals from PP-devices especially PP CD-ROMs, Tapes and Zip-Drives. Some printer-drivers use the bi-directional communication to signal details from the printer back to the computer

Do I need to do this? If so, How do I undo it once I am finished? I just want to make sure because I am having to travel 300 miles to do this, so I want to prepare as much as I can.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated.