View Full Version : New Video - The TIPI

May 26th, 2018, 05:00 AM
This video covers many aspects of the newly released (JediMatt / ElectricLab) TIPI! The TIPI is an upgrade that allows connecting a TI 99/4a to a modern single-board computer called a Raspberry Pi. After owning this device for about a month, I felt it was time to attempt to document what has been learned so far. I truly hope you enjoy it. It will basically step you through everything (how to put it together, burn the .img file for the Pi and using various apps.) Video run-time is ~42min., so grab your favorite beverage, kick back and enjoy!

This video covers the following:

* Brief Intro. of the TIPI
* Assembly of the 32k Sidecar + TIPI
* New Case for the above (Awesome design and perfect fit!)
* Creating the TIPI Disk Image for the RPi
* How to configure the TIPI to your WiFi Network
* How to use the Built-in Telnet client to connect to your RPi (can also be used to connect to BBS's)
* How to use TI-Artist with a Mouse + TIPI
* Demonstration of MYTI99.com programs including: Chatti, Chess and (my favorite) SNEK!
* How to access your TIPI via a UNC Path and copy files
* How to use the TIPI Web Administrator to create folders and new TI Files
* Demonstration of loading your TI Files (from the TIPI) on the TI-99/4a
* Where to purchase a TIPI + 32k Sidecar and also the 3D Printed case