View Full Version : Cogar C4 / ICL 1501/ Singer 1501

June 29th, 2018, 11:56 AM
Not sure if this is the correct category, but here it goes :

anybody knows if this early 70's, 74181 based, personal computer actually has a operating system ?
Or ist it all just application programs, booted directly from the cartridge tapes ?

In this case I would expect there to be utility tape with some programs to list directories, copy tapes etc etc
Anyone know of a surviving copy ?

With my ICL1501 I also got a Diablo 30 type drive, alas no interface. Does dis have to be a complete 1503 unit, or are there other ways of adressing the disk ?

Rams in these machines are 1k bit dynamic rams, not multiplexed, and needing separate level convertors to interface them...