View Full Version : Making useful stuff with junk, redux.

July 31st, 2018, 05:06 PM
If you're a scavenger of stuff like I am, you've seen your share of microwave ovens headed to the dump. I find the fans and blowers useful--and of course, there are probably a hundred uses for the big HV transformer.

I've disassembled the magnetrons for the ceramic "doughnut" magnets and used them for tool holders, but I wondered if something more useful could be done with them. How about a floppy eraser? So, I grabbed some scrap wood and set to work.

The idea was to glue the magnets to a couple of pieces of wood and separate them by about a 1/4" gap. Initially, I tried this with opposite poles facing; that is, left face = N, right face = S. Tried it on a formatted floppy and got exactly nothing--the data remained.

So I wondered if facing like poles might do the trick. This was harder to do than I thought--those magnets are pretty powerful at close range and want to twist things around. But with some clamps, glue and a few screws into an oak spacer, it went together.

Formatted up another couple of floppies (initially 3.5') passed each of them between the "doughnuts" and found that they were wiped clean.

It takes but a few seconds to reduce a floppy to unreadability--much easier and faster than using a videotape eraser--and the magnets don't overheat.


July 31st, 2018, 05:11 PM
Great idea!

And eco-friendly: saves some parts from the landfill and doesn't use any electricity!